Banking & Manage Int.Shipments

BANKING solutions

Rely on the Bank for our SMEs international operations

International Services

Anpicem would like to help local companies expand globally, assisting them with incoming and outgoing payments and with setting up abroad. Offering them global reach not only in the area of international transactions (incoming and outgoing payments) but also in expanding their company globally.

Banking Solutions

-Payment and collection
-Risk coverage
-Local international desk
-Local commercial network

International Trade Guide

-Guide Introduction
-Payment means
-Financing operations
-Risk management
-EU financial support for SMEs
-Incoterms 2010


We would like to offer services to support our SMEs global ambitions.

International Services

Local support

Globally connected


Simplifying international

Financial support for SMEs

Anpicem initiative will contributes to meeting the goals we have set in the MOZ, which are to enhance the scope of the African business world by making it more competitive and help reach more markets and more customers.

Manage international shipments

Safely ship our SMEs goods worldwide

Tools to Organize Shipments Overseas

Comply with customs, standards and local regulations.

Calculate and optimize shipping costs.

Trade Compliance

-Shipping Documents
-Import Controls
-Export Controls
-Labelling rules

Customs Calculation

-Customs duties
-Export price calculator
-Landed cost calculator
-Measurement Converter
-HS customs classification
-Local customs classification

Country Information

Discover tips about customs procedures, standards, and transport services

(solutions) in the country.


We would like to offer services to support our SMEs global motivations.


Incoterms 2010

Payment means

Financing operations

Risk management

About us

ANPICEM is in favor of competitiveness that makes growing innovation (most powerful tool to grow).And to ensure competitiveness in the market,it is crucial that the enterprise and the entrepreneur feel committed to innovation of products,services and in their management strategies.


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