Reach New Counterparts

reach new counterparts

Find business partners worldwide

Tools to Find Counterparts

Allow our SMEs to Identify new potential partners and verify their stability; find tenders worldwide.

Find Counterparts
-Find importers in key countries
-Find suppliers worldwide
-Directories in 150 countries
-Online marketplaces
-Trade shows
-Professional Associations
-Private and public tenders
-Potential clients list
Verify Counterparts
-Financial Reports 
-Blacklisted Companies and Vessel
Best Countries for Importing/Exporting
-Map displays with the value of imports and exports for each country, in total or

for a specific product.


We would like to offer services to support our SMEs global ambitions.



Risk coverage


Payment means

Financing operations

Risk management

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ANPICEM is in favor of competitiveness that makes growing innovation (most powerful tool to grow).And to ensure competitiveness in the market,it is crucial that the enterprise and the entrepreneur feel committed to innovation of products,services and in their management strategies.


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